Key benefits

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Easy to maintain

Low energy consumption

  • Evaporative cooling for system-wide energy saving at lower operating temperatures.
  • Axial fan uses half the energy of similar centrifugal fan units.
  • Factory tested high efficiency coil.
  • High efficiency fan motors

Low noise

  • PFE features low noise axial fans. To reduce noise even further, choose for Whisper Quiet fans.
  • Factory designed, tested and rated sound attenuation is available on the discharge for further noise reduction.
  • Water silencers achieve noise levels close to those of crossflow towers. Water silencers come always with Whisper Quiet fans.

Easy to maintain

  • Easier to maintain than other induced draft counterflow condensers.
  • BranchLok™ water distribution - each branch removable for easy cleaning.
  • Combined inlet shields for easy no-tool removal.
  • Motor adjusters: externally accessible and locking wrench for easy motor alignment and belt tensioning.
  • Full cold water basin access when removing the combined inlet shields.
  • Fans easily accessible via sliding access door.
  • Optional clean out port helps remove silt and sludge from the basin.
  • Removable suction strainer anti-vortex hood.

Operational safety

  • Closed loop, no airborne contaminants enter and foul the system.
  • Easy-clean and easy-inspect PCE condensers reduce hygiene risks from bacteria or biofilm inside. 
  • Self-cleaning cold water basin and fill above sloped basin to flush out dirt and debris
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth in the tower, filter the air and stop water splashing outside.

Ship and install PCE easily

  • The leak-free InterLok™ system means swift PCE condenser on-site assembly. Install the basin on the upper section with no sealer tape in between!
  • Compact footprint – perfect for confined spaces.
  • Container shipment often possible!

Interested in the PCE evaporative condenser for your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.