Key benefits

  • Extremely reliable
  • Energy efficient
  • Minimal maintenance and easy inspection

Extremely reliable

  • The PolairisTM evaporative condenser's design incorporates all experience BAC acquired over the last decades with thousands of VXC units installed globally since 1978.
  • Fan drive systems are located inside the unit, in the dry air, preventing condensation and eliminating corrosion issues and premature failures.
  • Direct driven fans eliminate potential mechanical failures.
  • Multiple, individually driven fans guarantee redundancy.
  • Baltibond hybrid coating for maximum equipment life, with corrosion resistance equivalent to SST 304L.
  • Dry operation possible.

Energy efficient

  • Evaporative condensers yield the lowest condensing temperatures and hereby minimize the system energy consumption.
  • Up to 50% savings with the energy efficient radial fans, compared to standard centrifugal fans.
  • EC motors have superior efficiency that exceeds the IE4 requirements. Integrated electronics of EC motors allow for variable speed control at a significantly reduced power consumption compared to AC motors with VFD.

Minimal maintenance and easy to inspect

  • Direct driven fans require no maintenance at all.
  • The DiamondClearTM Design* offers a continuous self-cleaning operation. The need for maintenance is minimized by using fully sloping surfaces, a constant impact of falling spray water and high water velocities.
  • Collection basin covers only a fraction of the unit footprint, which makes it subject to higher turbulences. Together with the significantly lower volume (25% reduction versus conventional evaporative condensers), this reduces the chemical usage and need for cleaning.
  • Unmatched accessibility to the basin, drives and fans in the dry section, via the mansized access door at ground level.
  • Water distribution system is easily accessible from outside.
  • Baltibond hybrid coating for a smooth surface finish that facilitates internal cleaning.

Superb hygiene

  • The DiamondClearTM Design* offers a continuous self-cleaning operation. During standstill the sloping surfaces fully drain, avoiding stagnant water and the risk of sedimenation of impurities.
  • A completely encased collection basin eliminates any sunlight ingress, preventing biological growth.
  • Baltibond hybrid coating for a smooth surface finish that reduces biofilm development.
  • The floor is fully sloped towards the drain - also in the dry section - for easy cleaning.
  • Water treatment system connections are provided as standard.
  • The access door is located in the dry area, eliminating any leakage risk.

Optimized for transport and easy installation

  • Installations costs are reduced since units are shipped in 2 factory-built sections with a rigid base frame that guarantees squareness for easy on-site assembly.
  • Minimal freight costs with 2,4 m wide units that fit into standard trucks.
  • Fans are prewired to a terminal box to avoid time-consuming on-site wiring. Integrated electronics of EC motors eliminate the need for external VFD's, electronic filters and shielded cables.
  • Single side air intake allows for installation in confined spaces and next to solid walls.
  • Pressure capability of fans allows indoor installation with ductwork.
  • Silent radial fans reduce the need for installation of sound attenuation.

Ultra silent

  • Silent radial fans are standard.
  • Single side air inlet allows directing the quiet unit rear towards noise sensitive areas.
  • Sound attenuation is available for the most stringent sound requirements.

* patent pending

Interested in the Polairis condenser for your industrial refrigeration application? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.